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Easy Easter Art and Craft Activities

by LittleNaturePlayers

Happy Easter Little Nature Players!

Here are some Easter arts and crafts that will help your little ones learn and play over Easter at home.  Don’t forget to share your creations and play using #littlenatureplayers on Instagram.

Easter Leaf Art

Get creative! Collect different shaped leaves and natural items to create a picture. The possibilities are endless!

Hand print Easter Bunny

Help your child trace around their hand. Cut out the hand. Bend the thumb and little finger forwards and the middle finger backwards. Use a texta to draw on the rabbits face and feet.

Egg and Rabbit Nature Designs

Cut out an egg or rabbit shape using cardboard. We used an old nappy box. Collect an assortment of different natural materials. Look for different colours, shapes and textures. Arrange the items on your egg/rabbit.  This is great because your little one can come back to it over and over and make different designs each time!

Easter Shakers

We collected different materials to put inside our eggs.  Some ideas include sand, gumnuts, bark, rice, quinoa etc. We listened to the sounds the different materials made and used the shakers to make music.

Easter Sensory Play

We have some empty plastic eggs that we reuse each year. I know these aren’t environmentally friendly but we make sure we keep them and use them for multiple play ideas. They are great because we can used in so many ways. Here we simply put some quinoa (check the back of your cupboard for anything out of date) in a tray with the eggs and some utensils. You could also use sand, rice, dirt, waterbeads…


Colourful Egg Cut & Paste

Work on developing those fine motors skills by cutting and pasting  bits of coloured paper onto egg shaped card.  We used some origami paper we had lying around.

Happy Easter!

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